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Antique Rolex Primer, Aquaman 5513

It’s not too late to get straight to the point. The Rolex on sale now we’ve talked a lot about, all the major models of Rolex brothers are very familiar. The Rolex Submariner 5513 is the entry-level watch in the vintage Rolex.

Antique Rolex, especially the antique sports Rolex, models and versions, often a detail change, let the value of the watch to produce a huge difference. Plus antique rolex many are traded at auction, so when it comes to antique rolex, many brothers will feel far away from themselves, not something they can play with. But in fact, some of the more common antique Rolexes, not far from us, are the same as ordinary watches, can be
replica Submariner watches bought and played. Antique Water Ghost 5513, that is the easier model to start in antique rolex, if you are interested in antique rolex, you can start with 5513 (because there are many versions of 5513, the following content is the regular version of the situation).

Rolex Submariner 5513

First, I’ll start with the basics of the 5513.

In layman’s terms, the 5513 is the “grandfather” of the Aquaman (Submariner) currently on sale. The Rolex Submariner 5513 was introduced in 1962 and continued to be produced until 1989. The Rolex Submariner 5513 measures 40mm (also written 39) and uses the 1530 movement (there are cases of the 1520). The 5512 and 5513 were the first Submariners to add a crown guard, essentially establishing the look of the modern Rolex Submariner (Aquatimer). 5512 and 5513 differed in terms of movement, with the 5512 using the 1560/1570 movement, which was chronometer-certified, and the 5513 using the 1530, which was not chronometer-certified. Certification.

So, to be frank, the 5512 can be seen as the “high version” and the 5513 as the “simple version”. The difference is reflected in the dial, the 5512 is written on the face of the superlative chronometer/official certified, so the dial is 4 lines of characters; 5513 is not chronometer certified, so there is no chronometer certified English, the dial is only 2 lines of characters. Depending on whether the dial has 4 or 2 lines of characters, you can distinguish at a glance between 5512 and 5513 (referring to the regular case, not including the special version for the transition period).

Rolex Submariner 5513

Why can an antique Sport Rau start with a 5513?

1. the Submariner 5513 was produced in very large quantities. Because the 5513 was in continuous production from 1962 until 1989, the production cycle of over 20 years was very large. In contrast, the 5512 produced less from 1958 to 1978.The 5513 was replaced by the Submariner 14060 in 1989 (now the predecessor of the calendar-less Nigger 14060M and 114060), and the 5513 is one of the largest production models of the antique sports Laurie. Today, the 5513 is often more commonly found on the secondary market.

The price of the Submariner 5513 is relatively low. The Submariner 5512 is rare and expensive because of its low production and its chronometer movement. In contrast, the “simplified version” of the 5513 a long production cycle, production, secondly, did not use a chronometer movement, so the price is relatively low a lot. For example, in foreign countries, the market price of 5513 starts from 5000 Euros, while the market price of 5512 starts from 10000 Euros (the value depends on the originality and quality). The current domestic situation is that the 5513 market is in good condition, no problem about 100,000, lower also have 50,000, 70,000 or so, depending on the quality.

Rolex Submariner 5513

3, the value of the submariner 5513 is very high. Rolex a major feature is a high degree of continuation of the appearance, many models updated, but the overall appearance of the change is not much. The antique water ghost 5513 and the current water ghost appearance is very similar, but the details are a lot different. 5513 first major feature, is the “paste face”. The hour markers in the dial are directly luminescent paint, unlike today’s Mercury (114060, 116610), with a gold frame around the edge of the luminescent hour markers (it should be noted that the 5513 luminescent hour markers produced in the 1980s also had a gold frame). Because luminous paint technology was limited in those days, the luminous paint yellowed and discolored over time, and the discolored hour markers are beautiful and antique. In addition, the 5513 still uses acrylic glass (bubbleglass) and has perforated lugs. These effects are not found on modern watercraft. Although nowadays we can also often see some antique 1803 and 1601 on the market, these watches go the dressy route, and the size of the 36 is also smaller, not as sporty and cool as the antique Water Ghost 5513.

What else do you need to look out for?

The two main issues with vintage watches are originality and character. Some of the more valuable antique watches have their hands changed, dials changed, bracelets changed and hour markers redone. In the more popular common antique watches, the main issue is the character. Someone said before, I think it is very reasonable, said, a very good quality Speedmaster, is better than a bad quality Paul Newman. Therefore, don’t buy a poor quality watch just because it is cheap. There is no value in a poor quality watch. In addition, new players are better off starting with the watches currently on sale, and then familiarizing themselves with the details and market conditions of the various watches before starting to play with the old ones. As an example, there was a brother who wanted to buy a Water Ghost, but since the market for Water Ghosts is higher now, he wanted to spend less money and buy an older model Water Ghost. He sent me the picture, see the picture is only 14060/14060m (2 rows of characters on the dial), 2 rows of characters on the dial, then this watch is between 1989 to 2007, from this year’s era is older. Although this model is cheap, it is not chronometer-certified, so it is unknown how it will run after purchase and whether it will need to be serviced again. There is no need for new players to “pay tuition” here right from the start.

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