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The first Rolex “Tourbillon” is born!

We all know that replica Rolex Milgauss watches only produces watches that are intended to be robust and practical, never complicated watches. To this day, the most complicated Rolex watches are the Rolex Skywalker, an annual calendar dual time watch currently on sale, and the 6062/8171 full calendar moon phase watch, which Rolex has historically produced.

Rolex “Tourbillon” modified by Rolex 116400.

Just in the past two days, a Rolex Tourbillon watch suddenly appeared on the Internet, when I first saw this watch, I was shocked that Rolex appeared with a tourbillon, and later I learned that this is a Rolex modified watch, someone actually added a tourbillon to Rolex!

We’ve seen a lot of Rolex modified watches and personalization. But usually Rolex modifications are mainly focused on black plating, engraving, and changing the dial face. Technical modification, at most, is to add a moon phase. I never expected that the Rolex modification has now developed to such a stage that Label Noir added a tourbillon to the Rolex for the first time, becoming the first Rolex tourbillon watch (Label Noir is a modification studio established in 2011, in addition to black-plated watches, but also carry out some technical modifications of the watch, modification objects also include Patek Philippe).

Rolex Milgauss original 116400.

What kind of watch is the Rolex “Tourbillon”?

As we can see, this Rolex “Tourbillon” is based on a Rolex Lightning Needle 116400. The original orange MILGAUSS on the face of the 116400 has also been changed to the logo of the tuning studio, LABELNOIR, and the lightning hand has been changed from the iconic orange to black, very cool.

Rolex modified the “tourbillon” not only added a tourbillon but also made a thorough.

The main alteration of this Rolex modified tourbillon is the movement. The tourbillon is entirely based on the Rolex Caliber 3131, which is modified. In the original 3131 movement, 51 parts were removed, including the escapement; 2 parts were improved, including a hole to be cut in the bridges for the tourbillon; and an additional 94 parts were added. In addition to the structural modifications to Calibre 3131, the frequency of the movement was lowered from 28,800 to 21,600, and the newly added tourbillon was mounted on ball bearings. The tourbillon uses a one-minute flying tourbillon with no bridges on the dial. The tourbillon cage has been specially shaped to add a cool look. The thickness of the Rolex Tourbillon has been maintained at the same level as that of the original 116400. In addition, this Rolex “tourbillon” has also been replaced with a transparent caseback, which allows you to see the 3131 movement, and the rotor of the movement has also been blackened. As you know, Rolex has always been opaque, except for the Prince model. I think the choice of the Lightning hand for the addition of the tourbillon may also have been due to the fact that the Lightning hand itself is very thick and at the same time is a three-hand watch with no extra function to conveniently accommodate the tourbillon.

It is worth noting that, according to the tuner of the Rolex Tourbillon, this Rolex Tourbillon is not the only one. Mass production. This means that a Rolex “Tourbillon” will be available for as long as someone needs it, and only 3 months to wait. The object of this modification is the Lightning Needle 116400, and I don’t know if there will be any other Rolex tourbillons in the future.