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Combining the best of watchmaking expertise A review of the Rolex Cellini 5112-8

In tribute to Benvenuto Cellini, the Renaissance sculptor and goldsmith of popes and kings, Rolex has created a collection of watches engraved with the name of the master. The art of watchmaking has evolved from the personal domain of a single artisan to the professional collaboration of a
replica Cellini watchesmaster craftsman. Each Rolex watch is the perfect combination of expertise and craftsmanship. Today, the Maison de la Haute Horlogerie presents a brief review of a Rolex Cellini watch, with the official model number: 5112-8.

Rolex Cellini series 5112-8

Inspired by the Italian Renaissance artist, goldsmith and ecclesiastical sculptor Benvenuto Cellini, the Rolex Cellini collection is a perfect harmony between its classical roots and its modern reinterpretation.

The Cellini watch embodies Rolex’s watchmaking tradition and evokes contemporary architecture, with its proportions and minimalist lines, in perfect harmony with modern space and light. The 32 mm-diameter watch is housed in an 18-carat yellow gold case. In this very special collection from Cellini, each model has its own distinctive character, with a case made of the most luxurious 18-carat yellow gold, a sign of prestige and high taste. The crystal is made of abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal, whose hardness and light transmission make it the most suitable material for a crystal, as if it were the material of a coin, a product of historical choice.

Rolex Cellini series 5112-8

The watch comes with a brown alligator leather strap, stitched through brown thread, and a pin buckle made of 18-carat yellow gold for easy wearing. The case is soft and full of color, and the layout of the dial is just right, the beauty of simplicity is self-evident, the small lugs and the modest dial together emphasize the pursuit of exquisite design concept.

Rolex Cellini series 5112-8

It is one of the few elegant and chic Rolex models to be found on the market, and, in keeping with the Cellini DNA, it has a unique cultural heritage, with the name of the Cellini master engraved on the dial, underscoring its taste and meaning. In addition, although there are many models in the Rolex Cellini collection, they are not all produced in large numbers. Overall, refined and elegant, understated and restrained, it is a watch with a gentleman’s touch and a tribute to art. Simple in function, yet fun and functional.

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So many people love Rolex. What’s so great about Rolex?

There is a saying in watchmaking circles that people, whether they know of watches or not, will buy a Rolex when they are over-ambitious. This shows the position of replica Rolex Submariner watches in the hearts of all watch lovers. However, some people think that Rolex does not have the beautiful design of Van Cleef & Arpels and Jaquet Droz, nor the complications of Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin. So why do so many people love Rolex? Rolex good at what? The following watch house will introduce it for you.

Rolex is one of the world’s most practical watch brands

Rolex is the most incredible watch brand in the world, why do you say so? It is because it does not rely on precious metals, nor does it rely on scarcity, but still can do the world’s first preservation of value! Patek Philippe, known as the “King of Watches”, produces less than 20,000 watches a year, and it is not surprising that every piece is made from precious metals, so it can retain its value. It’s not surprising that Rolex, which produces one million watches a year, most of which are steel, and most of which are valued at only 5-6 million RMB or so, is actually able to sell out.

Patek Philippe is one of the few watchmakers that makes watches by hand, but with a level of precision that exceeds that of mechanical engineering, so they are in high demand. Rolex is at the other end of the spectrum. They are a technology company that holds a number of patents on materials that are used not only to make watches, but also deep-sea submarines. They use dust-free, vacuum-based space technology to make their watches, digital laser cutting to ensure the precision of their components, and have always made Rolex one of the most accurate mechanical watches in the world, and chronometer standards were never on their radar.

Rolex is one of the most valuable watches in the second watch market

Rolex watches are fully functional with water resistance, sweat resistance, shock resistance, and magnetic reduction. The quality and reliability of the movement is undoubtedly the best in the watch industry, and although it almost never makes complications, it is renowned for its durability and precision. Every Rolex watch is adjusted and oiled to within plus or minus three seconds per day, and most are chronometer-certified. Behind this precision are the two inseparable components of the Rolex movement: the hairspring and the balance wheel.

However, these two important intertwined devices receive a different level of attention, with more attention being paid to the hairspring. It is often forgotten that the constant rhythm of this fine hairspring is due to the inertia effect produced by the balance wheel to which it is attached. This neglected balance wheel ensures the regularity of the balanced oscillating components, making it no less important and technical than the famous fine hairspring. Rolex’s engineers have systematically improved the inertia effect of the balance wheel by creating the Microstella screws, which have made it possible to fine-tune the accuracy of the watch.

Rolex’s after-sales service and maintenance are very convenient

Rolex is one of the most valuable watches in the second-hand watch market.
In terms of value for money, Rolex is an impeccable watch designer, with only a handful of classic designs. The Rolex watch is a classic design, and there are only a few classic models. The market value is stable, and each series of features and price range are obvious, and the metric price of each model will not change much. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual, for example, has been around for decades, and no one has ever found anything aesthetically wrong with its design.

The Rolex watch is usually made of stainless steel, the unique stainless steel than the general 316L stainless steel to the hard, with a screw-down back cover, and faucet multi-layer waterproof ring so the table is more resistant to scratch and moisture-proof, the years unless the collision, will also look new than the general table, so his value preservation is relatively high.

In addition, Rolex will also use: 18k gold, 18k red gold, Pt950 platinum and other materials, plus the simple style of the table, not too complex design, its price is the basic material money. Then the same material of other brands of high-priced watches because the design is complicated, so the cost of design development and labor will be added, and the relative Rolex because it is more simple, is a classic watch value-added, but also the reason why everyone loves. It’s like when you go to a pawn shop to sell a diamond ring, they won’t estimate your facets or labor, they will only calculate the value to you according to the carats.

Rolex’s after-sales service and maintenance are very convenient

In terms of the dial, precious metals (18k yellow gold, red gold and platinum), mother-of-pearl in various colors, scale diamonds, colored gemstones, etc. are all used. The stars look big, the diamonds look sparkling, and the diamonds are real, so they will retain their value better.

The stainless steel watches have characteristics, such as lightning hands, green glass, ceramic bezel, green water ghosts, deep sea, etc., which are much more distinctive than the log type (Date Just), and you can’t take a gold watch to sports or swimming, it will be heartbreaking to scratch it.

Rolex after-sales service and maintenance is very convenient, Rolex has more than 4,000 service points in the world, the after-sales service and maintenance of reasonable prices, because the watch models change less, so the replacement parts are not easy to lack of parts, for a watch model is one of the best factors for sustainable preservation, the brand is not afraid of falling, unlike some antique watches, some parts are missing and it is difficult to repair.

A brand that has been popular in the watch market for over a hundred years must have something that distinguishes it from other brands. This is due to the precision of the movement, the classic design of the watch, the variety of materials and the value of the watch market. This is the reason why Rolex is loved by so many people!

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The first Rolex “Tourbillon” is born!

We all know that replica Rolex Milgauss watches only produces watches that are intended to be robust and practical, never complicated watches. To this day, the most complicated Rolex watches are the Rolex Skywalker, an annual calendar dual time watch currently on sale, and the 6062/8171 full calendar moon phase watch, which Rolex has historically produced.

Rolex “Tourbillon” modified by Rolex 116400.

Just in the past two days, a Rolex Tourbillon watch suddenly appeared on the Internet, when I first saw this watch, I was shocked that Rolex appeared with a tourbillon, and later I learned that this is a Rolex modified watch, someone actually added a tourbillon to Rolex!

We’ve seen a lot of Rolex modified watches and personalization. But usually Rolex modifications are mainly focused on black plating, engraving, and changing the dial face. Technical modification, at most, is to add a moon phase. I never expected that the Rolex modification has now developed to such a stage that Label Noir added a tourbillon to the Rolex for the first time, becoming the first Rolex tourbillon watch (Label Noir is a modification studio established in 2011, in addition to black-plated watches, but also carry out some technical modifications of the watch, modification objects also include Patek Philippe).

Rolex Milgauss original 116400.

What kind of watch is the Rolex “Tourbillon”?

As we can see, this Rolex “Tourbillon” is based on a Rolex Lightning Needle 116400. The original orange MILGAUSS on the face of the 116400 has also been changed to the logo of the tuning studio, LABELNOIR, and the lightning hand has been changed from the iconic orange to black, very cool.

Rolex modified the “tourbillon” not only added a tourbillon but also made a thorough.

The main alteration of this Rolex modified tourbillon is the movement. The tourbillon is entirely based on the Rolex Caliber 3131, which is modified. In the original 3131 movement, 51 parts were removed, including the escapement; 2 parts were improved, including a hole to be cut in the bridges for the tourbillon; and an additional 94 parts were added. In addition to the structural modifications to Calibre 3131, the frequency of the movement was lowered from 28,800 to 21,600, and the newly added tourbillon was mounted on ball bearings. The tourbillon uses a one-minute flying tourbillon with no bridges on the dial. The tourbillon cage has been specially shaped to add a cool look. The thickness of the Rolex Tourbillon has been maintained at the same level as that of the original 116400. In addition, this Rolex “tourbillon” has also been replaced with a transparent caseback, which allows you to see the 3131 movement, and the rotor of the movement has also been blackened. As you know, Rolex has always been opaque, except for the Prince model. I think the choice of the Lightning hand for the addition of the tourbillon may also have been due to the fact that the Lightning hand itself is very thick and at the same time is a three-hand watch with no extra function to conveniently accommodate the tourbillon.

It is worth noting that, according to the tuner of the Rolex Tourbillon, this Rolex Tourbillon is not the only one. Mass production. This means that a Rolex “Tourbillon” will be available for as long as someone needs it, and only 3 months to wait. The object of this modification is the Lightning Needle 116400, and I don’t know if there will be any other Rolex tourbillons in the future.

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When Rolexes spark with rubber

I’ve always preferred rubber watch straps, like Hublot’s Big Bang series, various Omega seamaster, Blancpain scuba, etc. Considering the comfort and functionality of watch straps, I’m wondering if Rolex rubber straps would be fragile. It wasn’t until I tried the rubber strap on the replica Rolex Explorer II watches that I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the results, the strap is superbly made and tough .

The rubber strap of the Rolex Explorer II watch

After replacing the rubber strap, the watch seemed much more sporty, and the buckle matched its strap, a black strap that slowly shrank from 21mm wide to 16mm to be able to fit the buckle it wore, and I had to get used to the tapered shape of the strap.

The rubber strap of the Rolex Explorer II watch

The steel makes this watch more robust than previous models, and more in keeping with its own definition of adventure. The crystal is a sapphire crystal, which is even more durable. Personally, I love the blistered date window on its dial, and with the addition of the luminescent hands on the dial and the separate orange 12-hour hands, it’s just perfect for me!

The rubber strap of the Rolex Explorer II watch

I’ve been wearing this watch for about 3 days and it gives me the same feeling as always, my love for it hasn’t waned or any dissatisfaction, the flexibility of its rubber strap is also surprisingly close to the wrist, making the watch more comfortable to wear, it has the added benefit of being able to display unobstructed in the radar coverage area and not being disturbed by magnetic fields, based on the new features of this watch, I guess there’s still some time to get used to it slowly, and the process in between is exactly what I’m enjoying!

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Classic Tour Rolex Ref. 6062 Stainless Steel Full Calendar

In any case, a replica Rolex watch with a moon phase display is special. In its entire history, Rolex didn’t make many timepieces with this complication. In this case, the Ref. 6062 must be an even more special one, as Rolex has integrated into this watch a variety of complications that were not available at the time Common Features.

Classic Tour Rolex Ref. 6062 Stainless Steel Full Calendar

This watch, made in 1953, is powered by an automatic movement, has a full calendar function and a water-resistant Oyster case. 1950 Even in the era of luxury timepieces, it was not common for them to be fitted with water-resistant cases. From this point of view, Rolex was ahead of its time and decades ahead of the curve. It’s fair to say that Rolex created one of the first high-end, sporty, complicated watches in a way that’s particularly popular today. The case of this watch is made of steel, which is also rare, as most Ref. 6062s are made of yellow gold, which is more in keeping with the style of the time. The appearance standard for luxury timepieces.

Classic Tour Rolex Ref. 6062 Stainless Steel Full Calendar

With a diameter of 36mm, this watch is still very wearable even today. Its appeal is further enhanced by the screw-down crown and the stainless steel Jubilee bracelet. The dial gives it a vintage appeal, not only because of its rare complications (for a Rolex), but also because of the design decoration. The gold leaf-shaped hands and hour markers contrast with the stainless steel case and bracelet, giving it a vintage feel. In addition, the “human face” moon phase, a time-honoured tradition dating back to the earliest days of watchmaking, further accentuates the vintage appeal of this Rolex. The unique personality of the watch.

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An extraordinary movement in watchmaking history: the Rolex 1575.

replica Rolex watches has always been known for producing high quality and reliable movements. We only need to browse through the brand’s current list of movements to see that over the past few decades, quality and functionality have been part of Rolex’s mechanical engineering The top priority.

Introduced in 1988, the 3135 calibre is the main movement behind many models and is also responsible for constructing things like second time zones and day calendars. A solid foundation for a complication movement. In recent years, however, the 3135 movement has been relegated to the background, and the 32xx series has begun to shine accordingly. It is expected that the 31xx movement will be completely replaced by the 32xx in the coming years. But long before the new calibers took the stage, Rolex relied on the 15xx series to guarantee accurate timekeeping.

When it comes to automatic movements, the Rolex 1575 is the best of the best and has everything going for it. It is hardwearing, robust, elegant and an excellent timekeeper. Interestingly, after a thorough overhaul and after leaving the Rolex Service Centre, these movements are sent to COSC for testing and remain A daily error of -2/+2 seconds. This was a technical feat for a movement of its time.

The Rolex Calibre 1575: a brief history

Introduced in the mid-1960s, the 1575 movement has a not-so-grand history as a movement. Rolex produced the 1575 movement because it needed a robust and reliable automatic watch. And the 1575 movement has successfully accomplished the task.

The 1575 movement is an improvement on the 1560 movement, which has a frequency of 2.5 Hz and a power reserve of 44 hours. The 1575 movement builds on this success by increasing the frequency to 2.75 Hz and adding a stop-seconds function, most notably the Added 4 hours of power reserve.

Rolex caliber 1575: specifications

The 1575 movement is 28.2 mm in diameter, contains 25 jewels, has a date display and is equipped with a wound balance spring. Since functionality is the main priority in the designer’s mind, the touches are not worth writing a book about. The baseplate has a speckled pattern, while the bridge is decorated with a light micrograin. Functionality and ease of repair are the highlights of the 15xx collection. The barrel bridges are sturdy, but not bulky, housing the barrel underneath. The wheel system bridges also keep all wheel systems under tight protection. Of particular note is the escapement wheel’s shock-absorbing function. This function is most commonly used on balance wheel pivots, but is unusual for escapement wheels. Other brands also have it, but it is rare and can only be found on the back of the watch, suggesting that it is more for “show” than for function. In the case of the Rolex Caliber 1575, the escapement wheel is visible on both sides of the dial and the case back. The pivots of the escapement wheel are in good condition, and the extra protection has undoubtedly had a positive effect. The escapement wheel of most Rolex movements today is equipped with a shock absorber.

The balance wheel is fitted with a star-shaped fine-tuning screw that can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise as needed to adjust the balance inertia and the rate of the watch. The caliber 1575 has a non-jamming balance, which eliminates the need for an adjustment pin (fast or slow hand). The adjusting pin varies the oscillation period by controlling the effective length of the hairspring. The disadvantage of this system is that the adjusting pin can be displaced if the watch is shocked, which can lead to errors in timing. This problem is eliminated by the fact that the snubless balance has no adjusting pins and is adjusted by its own moment of inertia.

The mass of the oscillating weight is large enough to carry out the heavy task of winding the watch. The oscillating weight rotates around a central pivot (rather than a ball bearing) and is held in place by two rubies, which reduces friction and improves performance. This design can also be seen in the Rolex 30xx and 31xx movements. In addition to the oscillating weight and escapement wheel shock absorbers, the instantaneous-jump calendar function of the 15xx series is also used by Rolex to this day. First, let’s clarify a point. Please note that the 1575 caliber has only a basic time and date display; correspondingly, the 1575 GMT caliber has only a GMT time display function. In addition, when a watch powered by the 1575 movement is dismantled, the movement bridges may be marked “1570”! . This is not necessarily incorrect, just something that would have happened in those times. The date was changed at midnight, with the aid of a cam, a spring and a jewel. When the time comes to midnight, the lever to which the jewel is attached jumps into the cam cutout so that the date is exactly at midnight. Midnight produces change.

Caliber 1575 is definitely the kind of movement that is popular with watchmakers. It’s relatively easy to manufacture and maintain, it still performs well decades after it’s been produced, and it’s never boring.

Caliber 1575 is also a consumer-friendly movement that has remained accurate, robust and reliable for many years after it left the factory. Not the most elegant or visually appealing movement in history, but when it comes to performance requirements, it’s always perfectly suited to the task.

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Exceptional Design Review of the Rolex Cellini 4233/9

The Cellini collection is a tribute to Benvenuto Cellini and the Renaissance pontiffs and king sculptors and In tribute to the master goldsmith, Rolex has created a collection of watches engraved with his name. The art of watchmaking has evolved from the personal domain of a single artisan to the professional collaboration of a master craftsman. Each Rolex watch is the perfect combination of expertise and craftsmanship. Today, the Maison de la Haute Horlogerie presents a brief review of the replica Rolex Cellini watches,the official model number 4233/9.

Rolex Cellini Series 4233/9.

In the 2014 Baselworld, Rolex introduced a carefully revised Cellini to meet with the general public, dogtooth rings and other classic features applied to the new Cellini model, but today we are introducing the old model busy so there is no dogtooth rings and other famous features.

Rolex Cellini Series 4233/9.

The watch is made of 34mm diameter 18K white gold and 18K pink gold case, with pink gold hands and Arabic numeral hour markers. The watch is clearly readable on the white dial, with a powerful crown at 12 o’clock. On the side of the watch, we can see the two-tone shades of 18-carat white gold and 18-carat rose gold. The crown is also engraved with the classic crown logo, and the short lugs are designed with a slight curve, which gives the watch a hint of an artist’s touch. Breath.

The watch is paired with a brown alligator leather strap, stitched with white silk thread, with a pin buckle buckle design in 18k white gold. The Cellini collection is dedicated to the Italian artist Cellini. A sculptor, jewellery craftsman, art theorist and writer par excellence, Cellini was a man of many talents. He maintained in his cosmology many elements of individualism that originated in the Renaissance. He was highly regarded by the Pope, the Grand Duke of Florence, and the King of France. He was a representative of the decorative school in stylistic sculpture, and he was the only artist of his time who advocated the restoration of heroic qualities in sculpture.

Rolex Cellini Series 4233/9.

In the white gold Cellini model, the hours and minutes hands are also in 18-carat rose gold, as are the hour markers at 6 and 12 o’clock. Crafted in 18-carat pink gold, it is simple and easy to read on a white dial. The hand-wound movement inside this Cellini is engraved on the caseback with the Cellini logo and the iconic Rolex crown. LOGO, which is not found in the Rolex Oyster model. It is clear from Baselworld 2014 that Rolex will make a big push in the Cellini, and I personally feel that the new Cellini changes the It was a great success and I loved it.

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The least Rolex of Rolexes, the least Cellini of Cellinis

When you think of Rolex, the models that come to mind most easily are the Submariner (Aquaman) and the Daikin Law Day-date. …….. They all have self-winding movements and Oyster waterproof cases. The other GMT, Skywalker, Explorer and other series are also more or less related to them, and thus many people say that Rolex ” The same old, same old, nothing new”.

The Ref.50535 is the latest generation of the Rolex Cellini.

In fact, replica Rolex Cellini watches has a distinctive “Cellini” collection that is not widely known, and is also known as the “least Rolex of Rolexes”.

Most watch lovers have the impression that Rolex is a “stable” brand. But in fact, for a long time, Rolex and other watch brands, are like to give money to make watches, what? All sorts of messy, weird and unbelievable models were produced. For example, this interval rose gold water resistant watch made for the South American dealer Serpico y Laino in the 1930s …….

The Ref.50535 is the latest generation of the Rolex Cellini.

And Rolex saw a major turnaround in the brand’s history in 1953, the year Sir Edmund Hillary (Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay are the first two… The explorer who climbed the world’s highest peaks. Rolex commemorated this event with the launch of the Explorer in 1953, which led to the creation of the “Explorer” collection. A new era of “tool watches” begins.

1953, Explorer; 1953, Aquaman; 1955, Greenwich GMT; 1956. Milguass; 1960, Deep Sea Special…. With the success of the “tool watch”, Rene-Paul Jeanneret, then marketing director of Rolex, began to The idea of creating a watch that would be more appropriate for a grand formal event led to the launch of the “Cellini” in the early 1960s. Cellini Collection. The name comes from Cellini, the famous Italian Renaissance sculptor of the 16th century.

The Ref.50535 is the latest generation of the Rolex Cellini.

The “Cellini” collection was created for banquets and events, much like a Piaget watch, but with a lighter model, with an emphasis on Exterior design. As a result, most of the Cellini models have manual movements and non-Oyster water-resistant cases in order to reduce size and thickness.

The success of Rolex today must be attributed to two of its most important technologies: oyster water resistance and the constant-force movement. The Cellini collection, however, has never adopted these two technologies and has therefore been unpopular with the market since its inception. The sought-after, long-sought after.

In 2014, Rolex released the new Cellini series, while retaining the original intention of the formal watch, the unprecedented use of locking water-resistant case + automatic winding design.

It is important to note that although the Cellini now has a water resistant case with a water resistant locking handle, it is not a Rolex. The iconic Oyster waterproof case. Because Rolex currently defines an Oyster case as being water resistant to a depth of 100 meters, and this Cellini is only 50 meters.

But even if it’s only 50 meters, with a locking handle, there’s no problem washing hands or running cold water in basic daily use. It’s a lot more convenient than the old Cellini before it. At the same time, this generation of Cellini still adopts the brand’s signature tight-bottom design, and you can’t see the home-made Cal.3195 self-winding mechanical movement. The back cover is slightly arched and has the feel of an antique Rolex bubble back.

The most unique feature of the Cal.3195 is not its water resistance and automatic winding, but the fact that it has a moon phase function. Rolex in its long 112 years of brand history, only three models with the moon phase function of the watch, which are Ref. 8171, Ref. 6062 and this Ref. 50535. since the last time Rolex introduced a moon phase. It has been nearly 70 years.

Unlike the previous moon phases, this Ref. 50535 is even more refined and luxurious. The moon phase disc is made from a single piece of blue enamel that has been fired at 800° Celsius, making it dense and hard. The full moon is also made of natural meteorite. The triangular markers in the centre of the dial show the moon’s profit and loss by comparison.

Unlike moon phase watches designed by other brands, the moon phase of the Rolex Ref. 50535 is much more than just a viewing device. Practical Features. Because its moon phase can be read accurately except during the full and dark moons, the other days are left to guess. The purpose of this design is to maximize the beauty of the enamel and meteorite moon phase craftsmanship.