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Six simple and practical ways to maintain a Rolex watch

Rolex watch is the most famous Swiss watch brand, its well-made, sturdy
replica rolex Cellini watches and durable, by countless watch fans and friends love, so also has the “once and for all” reputation! But no matter how sturdy the watch, also can not do without maintenance. With the right care, your watch will look its best at all times. A watch that is not well maintained will not only compromise the effectiveness of your wear, but also, in serious cases, its service life. Today, the watch house will introduce you to the six ways to maintain your Rolex watch!

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best Rolex Cellini 39 mm 18 ct Everose gold m50505-0020

1, Rolex watch strap to avoid long-term exposure to the sun, to prevent fading. At the same time pay attention to the Rolex leather strap is easy to penetrate, avoid contact with greasy substances or cosmetics.

2, sweat, dirt and other materials will corrode the appearance of the watch, and can cause individual skin allergies. 3, rolex watch to avoid contact with a variety of chemicals, once touched, should be cleaned in a timely manner, so as not to cause discoloration, off or other losses plating.

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4, rolex watch case, watch crystal table need regular cleaning, available warm water to wash and dry. But pay attention to the watch every year, it is best to carry out a professional waterproof test and appearance of cleaning.

5, usually do not wear, try not to let the table damp, so as to avoid leather deformation; placed near the magnetic items will also affect the accuracy of the watch. 6, usually best not to wear the same watch every day, should be prepared to use a few different watches alternately, in addition to rich personal styling, but also to avoid dust, body dirt all concentrated in the same watch.

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These are the six ways to maintain a Rolex watch, have you learned it! The watch in the purchase can not just wear, after all, thousands of dollars of stuff, we should cherish more. I hope the tips introduced in this article will help you. Only good maintenance, love watches can show the most perfect side!

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