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So many people love Rolex. What’s so great about Rolex?

There is a saying in watchmaking circles that people, whether they know of watches or not, will buy a Rolex when they are over-ambitious. This shows the position of replica Rolex Submariner watches in the hearts of all watch lovers. However, some people think that Rolex does not have the beautiful design of Van Cleef & Arpels and Jaquet Droz, nor the complications of Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin. So why do so many people love Rolex? Rolex good at what? The following watch house will introduce it for you.

Rolex is one of the world’s most practical watch brands

Rolex is the most incredible watch brand in the world, why do you say so? It is because it does not rely on precious metals, nor does it rely on scarcity, but still can do the world’s first preservation of value! Patek Philippe, known as the “King of Watches”, produces less than 20,000 watches a year, and it is not surprising that every piece is made from precious metals, so it can retain its value. It’s not surprising that Rolex, which produces one million watches a year, most of which are steel, and most of which are valued at only 5-6 million RMB or so, is actually able to sell out.

Patek Philippe is one of the few watchmakers that makes watches by hand, but with a level of precision that exceeds that of mechanical engineering, so they are in high demand. Rolex is at the other end of the spectrum. They are a technology company that holds a number of patents on materials that are used not only to make watches, but also deep-sea submarines. They use dust-free, vacuum-based space technology to make their watches, digital laser cutting to ensure the precision of their components, and have always made Rolex one of the most accurate mechanical watches in the world, and chronometer standards were never on their radar.

Rolex is one of the most valuable watches in the second watch market

Rolex watches are fully functional with water resistance, sweat resistance, shock resistance, and magnetic reduction. The quality and reliability of the movement is undoubtedly the best in the watch industry, and although it almost never makes complications, it is renowned for its durability and precision. Every Rolex watch is adjusted and oiled to within plus or minus three seconds per day, and most are chronometer-certified. Behind this precision are the two inseparable components of the Rolex movement: the hairspring and the balance wheel.

However, these two important intertwined devices receive a different level of attention, with more attention being paid to the hairspring. It is often forgotten that the constant rhythm of this fine hairspring is due to the inertia effect produced by the balance wheel to which it is attached. This neglected balance wheel ensures the regularity of the balanced oscillating components, making it no less important and technical than the famous fine hairspring. Rolex’s engineers have systematically improved the inertia effect of the balance wheel by creating the Microstella screws, which have made it possible to fine-tune the accuracy of the watch.

Rolex’s after-sales service and maintenance are very convenient

Rolex is one of the most valuable watches in the second-hand watch market.
In terms of value for money, Rolex is an impeccable watch designer, with only a handful of classic designs. The Rolex watch is a classic design, and there are only a few classic models. The market value is stable, and each series of features and price range are obvious, and the metric price of each model will not change much. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual, for example, has been around for decades, and no one has ever found anything aesthetically wrong with its design.

The Rolex watch is usually made of stainless steel, the unique stainless steel than the general 316L stainless steel to the hard, with a screw-down back cover, and faucet multi-layer waterproof ring so the table is more resistant to scratch and moisture-proof, the years unless the collision, will also look new than the general table, so his value preservation is relatively high.

In addition, Rolex will also use: 18k gold, 18k red gold, Pt950 platinum and other materials, plus the simple style of the table, not too complex design, its price is the basic material money. Then the same material of other brands of high-priced watches because the design is complicated, so the cost of design development and labor will be added, and the relative Rolex because it is more simple, is a classic watch value-added, but also the reason why everyone loves. It’s like when you go to a pawn shop to sell a diamond ring, they won’t estimate your facets or labor, they will only calculate the value to you according to the carats.

Rolex’s after-sales service and maintenance are very convenient

In terms of the dial, precious metals (18k yellow gold, red gold and platinum), mother-of-pearl in various colors, scale diamonds, colored gemstones, etc. are all used. The stars look big, the diamonds look sparkling, and the diamonds are real, so they will retain their value better.

The stainless steel watches have characteristics, such as lightning hands, green glass, ceramic bezel, green water ghosts, deep sea, etc., which are much more distinctive than the log type (Date Just), and you can’t take a gold watch to sports or swimming, it will be heartbreaking to scratch it.

Rolex after-sales service and maintenance is very convenient, Rolex has more than 4,000 service points in the world, the after-sales service and maintenance of reasonable prices, because the watch models change less, so the replacement parts are not easy to lack of parts, for a watch model is one of the best factors for sustainable preservation, the brand is not afraid of falling, unlike some antique watches, some parts are missing and it is difficult to repair.

A brand that has been popular in the watch market for over a hundred years must have something that distinguishes it from other brands. This is due to the precision of the movement, the classic design of the watch, the variety of materials and the value of the watch market. This is the reason why Rolex is loved by so many people!

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