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buy Rolex Daytona Watch replica

As a chronograph,  replica Rolex Daytona  watches has almost no equivalent. Durable 904 L Oystersteel, Cerachrom bezel with excellent wear resistance, no discoloration, and of course highly reliable caliber 4130 has reached a very high standard. But do you know what the problem is with it? Its own success made it too familiar. There may be a long wait in the boutique, but you can find a couple in big cities and major airports. How can he fulfill his desires for Daytona but have something still distinctive? It is not your only option, but I will be looking at Rolex Daytona’s leather artisans de Geneve La Montoya Rolex Daytona, specially made for Racer’s Juan Pablo Montoya It is recommended.

Montoya who has succeeded in Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar is a big fan of  copy rolex watches  . If you were able to win the couple through the race, you too. Montoya received the Rolex 24 three times and was awarded Rolex Daytona every time to commemorate the victory. In total, Montoya said that he has about 7 or 8 Rolex / Daytona, but what I really wanted was Daytona, which is different from the others. This is where Les Artisans DeGenève enters.

Les Artisans deGenève is also a stranger to customizing Rolex Daytona. Role-playing Daytona 6263 and Kravitz design KL 01 tribute are good examples of the work they do, but La Montoya is probably the most extreme. La Montoya starts life as a standard stainless steel  copy rolex  Daytona watches. Most of the stainless steel case of 40 mm is not being carefully and La Montoya holds Daytona ‘s troublesome screw fastening pusher and Triplock crown. Les Artisans DeGenève has not revealed that the base watch is more than 116520 or newer 116500, but the tachymeter has been replaced with counterfeit carbon.

However, looking at the dial, you will notice that everything has changed. La Montoya features a large dial and movement of the skeleton. The counter was replaced with one wearing the color of the home country of Colombia – Montoya. The hands of the counter of the chronograph are exchanged for the shape of a pencil matching the color to the counter. Finally, the tip of the center chronograph second hand has been finished with a red sandblast finish. The only thing I do not learn is the minute hand when it is white gold.

The inner diameter 4130 is completely skeletonized and can be seen through the case back of sapphire display which is another change of the watch. The whole movement was disassembled, skeletonized, finished by hand, and the hand was diagonal to the bridge. Not only the basic structure like a train, but also buy Rolex  watches specific characteristics like red anodized wheels remain. The rotor has been replaced with one made from 22k gray gold. It is a unique choice of rotor material, but the rotor design reminds me of Miyota.

I always thought about adding Daytona to my collection, but if I feel that it is boring and calm, La Montoya may become an antidote. Overall, I find that the fix is ​​attractive and the final product is quite attractive and interesting. La Montoya is influenced by Fan Pablo Montoya which is widely known as one of the top racing drivers in the world.