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Watchmaking excellence Tasting the Rolex Ambassador DEEPSEA

In 1967, the famous independent watchmaking brand Rolex introduced the first Oyster Perpetual Sea Messenger diving watch, and each model in the collection became highly sought after by watch enthusiasts thanks to its superior water resistance and unique Oyster construction, making it an ideal wrist choice for many.In 2018, after the success of the Red Letter Sea Messenger,
replica rolex Oyster Perpetual watches which the brand introduced in 2017, Rolex launched the annual This legendary collection was given a new lease of life at Baselworld, with a deep “D-BLUE” black and blue dial and Oyster case. The new DEEPSEA is equipped for the first time with the Caliber 3235, an upgraded version of the Caliber 3135, which offers even greater performance and is a true expression of Rolex’s exceptional watchmaking expertise. (Reference: m126660-0002)

Watchmaking excellence Tasting the Rolex Ambassador DEEPSEA

As the brand’s most technically advanced diver’s watch, the Rolex Ambassador is water-resistant to 4,000 feet (1,220 meters), while the brand’s Deep Diver is water-resistant to 12,800 feet (3,900 meters), far beyond the water resistance of most divers’ watches on the market and the result of decades of collaboration with professional divers. The new timepiece is a tribute to James Cameron’s historic solo deep dive record, with the introduction of a D-BLUE dial in addition to the signature water resistance of the collection. The two-tone dial fades from a bright blue to a deep black, representing the shallow and deep dive, giving the watch a unique and immersive look.

The new generation of the 3235 calibre, developed and produced by Rolex, is a testament to the brand’s technical innovation and watchmaking excellence. It is equipped with Rolex’s new patented Chronergy escapement. Made of nickel-phosphorus, it is highly efficient and reliable, and is immune to magnetic fields, guaranteeing precision. One of the most important components of the watch, the balance-spring assembly is equipped with a Rolex blue Parachrom hairspring made of a unique paramagnetic alloy forged by the brand that is ten times more resistant to shocks than a conventional hairspring. The Rolex endspring ensures that the balance spring remains regular in all positions. All in all, the new movement is a benchmark in terms of precision and reliability, power reserve, resistance to shocks and magnetism, and practicality.

Watchmaking excellence Tasting the Rolex Ambassador DEEPSEA

The lugs and the outside of the case have been redesigned to blend in with the wide Oyster bracelet and the corresponding Oyster safety folding clasp, giving the new Deep Diver a distinctive classic aesthetic and exceptional water resistance. The side of the case is equipped with a helium valve, a unique feature of diving watches, to relieve pressure during the dive.

The triple-lock winding crown is fitted with three water-resistant bezels which, together with the water-resistance devices on either side, guarantee the internal airtightness of the watch and guarantee the perfect water-resistance of the case. The unidirectional rotating bezel is fitted with a black Cerachrom 60-minute scale bezel, which allows the diver to keep track of the diving and decompression time on the seabed, ensuring a safe dive. The dial features the iconic Rolex hour-markers and a central three-hand design, covered with an easy-to-read Chromalight luminescent blue material that makes it easy to read even in dark conditions or deep underwater.

Watchmaking excellence Tasting the Rolex Ambassador DEEPSEA

Like the Rolex Submariner, the back cover is hermetically sealed to ensure that it is as water-resistant as the case. The back is engraved with the name of the Rolex collection and the legend of water resistance to 3,900 metres, making it a unique and recognisable model. The Oyster safety clasp provides added security by preventing the buckle from being accidentally opened. The double-extension system makes it easier to adjust the chain strap when wearing a heavy wetsuit.

In recent years, Rolex has introduced new movements into its collections, upgrading its models to make them more sophisticated, more practical and more in tune with the needs of today’s watch enthusiasts. This year, it is the Rolex Ambassador DEEPSEA watch, which is also a good choice for its exceptional water resistance.

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